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100 Fighter Kumite

Shuseki Shihan finished in a little over three hours on Friday the 13th, 1972.


The hundred fighter kumite (originally the 100 Man Kumite) might well be seen as the ultimate test of physical and mental perseverance in Martial Arts, or for that matter, many other sports today. In essence, the exercise consists of 1.5-2 minute rounds of kumite with 100 opponents, preferably a different one for each round.

Having set the example,¬†Sosai Oyama started to institute the 100 fighter kumite as a requirement for attaining 4th or 5th dan Black Belt. He soon found however, that not everyone had the spirit to do it, though the physical skill could be taught. The indomitable will, courage, and determination (the “Spirit of Osu” in it’s extreme) just wasn’t to be found in everyone. Thus it became a voluntary exercise for those few who had the right stuff.

At first, the fights could be completed over two days if so desired by the person doing it, but after 1967, Sosai Oyama decided that they should all be fought on the same day. In addition to the basic requirement of 100 fights, other requirements are that the competitor must clearly win at least 50% of the fights, and if knocked down, should not stay down for longer than 5 seconds.